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In light of the current economic climate, it is absolutely vital for companies to have a corporate crisis management system in place. While a corporate crisis can occur due to unstable position of the global financial markets or due to natural disasters, it is how organisations deal with it that defines their further existence. Many organisations, like BP Plc, have not have had effective corporate management system in place, which resulted in major loses within shares value and reputation damage.

This could have however been overturned to the right direction, with a proper corporate crisis system in place. This Report not only covers remedial action after the event but it also offers expert advice on preparation and planning so that, should a crisis occur, damage of every kind is limited as far as possible. It guides you through the various stages of setting up a viable crisis response capability and provides answers to key questions that every CEO should want to ask — and that every Corporate Crisis Manager should be able to answer.

This Report is designed primarily for those directors and senior managers who are concerned that their organisations may not be adequately prepared to deal effectively with the unthinkable — a corporate crisis that threatens the very existence of their business. It will also be of use to officers who are charged personally with maintaining crisis management systems , if only to prepare them for the questions that they will be asked once their seniors have read the report.

Currently a Director of Professional Interim Management Services Limited, he has almost 20 years experience in senior roles in the UK retail financial services sector, recently specialising in internal audit, compliance, special investigations and risk management. Over a five-year period, he was responsible for creating, maintaining and testing the business resumption planning capabilities of a leading UK financial services group. The GCCHE serves as a living knowledge bank for its members to share training materials, news and opportunities on climate and health events, partnerships, and opportunities.

Representatives of health professions schools are invited to join the GCCHE online by completing this form.

Life expectancy up — infant mortality down. Yet today there are far too few health professionals with the necessary training to address this growing crisis.

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More politics masquerading as science. More of any pre-existing problem is just, well, more, and not something new that needs teaching.

What kind of medical professionals or students would fall for this political rubbish masquerading as science or medicine? They expect students to be afraid to say anything against it. Grades and even graduation may depend on acquiescence. As a physician and medical educator I am embarrassed by this drivel. Climate change is perpetual and the effects of weather events on health have been known and managed as long as there has been organized medicine. To suggest there is a lack of properly trained providers is as insightful as suggesting we lack sufficient astrologers. It would seem the true motivation of the GCCHE is less to train providers than to forward a familiar narrative.

Climate change is among the greatest threats to planetary health. Yet training on the health impacts of climate change, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents, often is limited. The Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education GCCHE , led by the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, will address these issues and advance global health security through the development and dissemination of resources for educating health professionals on the effects of climate change. Through these efforts the GCCHE will sow a global network of leaders trained and equipped to help protect planetary health.

The planet seems to do just fine on its own. Except, how could they forget that a new administration has taken over and the funding for global warming research just might be drying up a bit.

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Oops… was that the cliff back there? The slight rise in the last century has been absolutely beneficial. Secondly, humans breathe out 40, ppm, and absolutely require CO2 in their system to survive. Life on Earth developed when CO2 levels were many times higher. Thirdly, they could try to prove empirically that CO2 causes warming in a convectively controlled atmosphere.

All it takes is a little bit of basic education instead of mindless anti-science propaganda and the AGW farce dies a natural death. However it found that the composition of gases in the atmospheres of all of these rocky bodies had no effect on the greenhouse effect of their atmospheres and that natural feedback effects kept their temperatures within a small constant range. I think the climate scientist running the line about CO2 warming are actually playing tiddlewinks. Not sure we are allowed to discuss it here though.

AndyG55 September 29, at am … Not sure we are allowed to discuss it here though.

Surviving a Corporate Crisis: 100 Things You Need to Know (Thorogood Professional Insights)

Convection removes a lot of heat from the surface of the planet. It explains why Venus, with its very dense atmosphere, has a much higher surface temperature than the Earth, which in turn has a higher surface temperature than Mars with its very thin atmosphere. We are not, which is well within the rights of this site..

I consider that to be a great shame since even if that paper is wrong, it may still have some useful insights into the workings of atmospheres, and a wide discussion about the issues raised in that paper can only add to our limited understanding of climate science. It will not detract from our understanding. Should that paper prove to be correct, then it will be a great shame that this site which has probably done more than any other site to examine the merits of the science behind climate science, and to assess matters in an objective light, will have been behind the curve.

I see no harm in this site allowing this paper and similar — there are other similar papers to be discussed but making it clear that this site does not agree with the paper, and outlining the scientific issues as to why the paper is said to be wrong. But of course it is not for me to dictate how things should be dealt with.

It is solar radiation combined with pressure. The heat comes from the sun not pressure. Even if they are wrong I think their take on convection is an advancement. Good points Andy. Adaptation to winter and low energy costs are significant drivers of lower Winter Mortality rates.

This is especially true for the elderly and the poor worldwide, and for the struggling peoples of the developing world. Canada has a population of about 35 million and the UK about 65 million, but Excess Winter Mortality in Canada is about to 10, per year, and in the UK it is 25, to 50, per year. Canada and the UK have genetically similar populations and similar health care systems. Canada tends to be colder but mostly drier than the UK. However, Canada generally has much lower energy costs and better-insulated housing and probably better central heating systems, on average.

This suggests that adaptation to winter and low energy costs are significant drivers of lower Winter Mortality rates. Imagine IF the UK had competent politicians in the past several decades instead of warmist imbeciles. Instead of spending billions on green energy debacles, they could have spent the funds on improving home insulation and central heating, and encouraged fracking of shales to reduce natural gas prices.

Cheap, abundant, reliable energy is the lifeblood of society — it IS that simple. When politicians fool with energy systems, real people suffer and die.

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The Rockefeller Foundation actually has made major contributions to controlling malaria and yellow fever — see for example this paper by Stapleton. Reducing air pollution? Just my thought. Instead, they should be talking about their own mental health. This is humorous.


This is because we are living in wealthy circumstances, where even the very poor have easy access to inexpensive junk food and alcohol. This is because the poor in the subcontinent, etc.

The Secret to Successful Crisis Management in the 21st Century - Melissa Agnes TEDx Talk

They exert a lot of activity to grow or otherwise access their calories, and they exert activity to prepare their daily bread. They want us to walk everywhere, to grow our own food, grind our own grain, and boil our own rainwater for drinking water. They want us to grow or buy locally. All as avenues for us reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. Yes, if we move to a hunter-gatherer or third-world lifestyle, we will all be much more physically active, and will live longer.

Except for the bad sanitation, burning dung to cook with, lack of medical care for things like cancer, increase in nasty diseases, etc. Looking at one factor is not science. Yet another propaganda piece trying to scare us all. Google the term. It is thinking that is symmetrical in three dimensions: narrow, shallow and short term.

Works every time, regardless of what your desires may be. Ask me how I know. Like moving from e.