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But if you're done with children, here are a few ideas on what to do with your maternity clothes. Sifting through your closet, you've found a bunch of clothes that are still wearable but hopelessly out of date. Instead of waiting for the fashions to cycle around again, here are a few tips on how you can update old clothes. Do you have children, but not want that fact to define your style and what other people think of you? This video has help.

The Haithabu smokkr

It will give you a variety of tips for mothers who don't want to dress like mothers, but still want clothing that will accommodate their active lifestyle. Want to add a few new pieces to your closet for summer but don't have the cash? Look no further than your "clothes junk drawer". Recycle your old oversized tshirt and reconstruct it into a sexy racerback tank top with help from this DIY fashion tutorial. Get the look you want About five minutes into this video, get together a t-shirt and a flannel; that's Can't quite figure out to do with your old clothes? Upcycle your old tees into a cozy beanbag pillow chair with this crafter's guide from the folks at MAKE.

For more information on turning your own t-shirts into pillow cases, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watc Make a life-size stunt dummy for your films using old clothes, newspaper, and a roll of duct tape. Indy Mogul shows you how to create a stunt dummy in the likeness of your actors for your films. Here is how to save your sweat-stained white T- shirts from becoming a cleaning rag.

This video shows you the proper way to change a baby's diaper. First you will want to gather all of the supplies you will need before you begin.

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You will need a diaper, some baby wipes and some ointment. Next remove the babies clothes, raise their legs and place the clean diap Recently gained some weight or lost a few pounds after getting yourself hooked on an intense exercise routine? We've all been there, and know that your clothes probably aren't fitting the way they used to.

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But don't just throw your outdated threads into a plastic bag and tos Make your own environmentally friendly dye at home, out of strawberries! You'll also need some vinegar, salt and old nylon stockings. Mash up your strawberries, strain them in the nylon and then boil your strawberry puree with salt, vinegar and your fabric. In this DIY video, we show you how we built our camera crane.

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This was all done with a table saw, drill and hack saw. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to color your hair at home. You'll save a bundle using a coloring kit instead of heading to the salon every six weeks. Plus, dyeing your tresses at home has never been simpler. In Japan, kanzashi are hair ornaments, often in a floral or jeweled style, which adorn traditional female Japanese hairstyles. These are gorgeous long pins with a special adornment attached at the end. Kanzashi are what inspire this tutorial's messenger bag, which is similarl Are your duds looking a little worse for wear?

Here are some extra-effective ways to keep your clothes looking as good as the day you bought them. You won't want to buy new clothes as much if you can keep your old clothes looking brand spanking new. Collect all your old and worn jeans, then cut off the hems, cuffs and seams. Sew them all together onto a piece of backing fabric, and you have your own floor mat or rag rug. A great way to recycle old clothes. Can you believe that you can turn your ugly long-sleeve T-shirt a gift from your dear aunt Sherry into a sexy ruffled one-shoulder top that looks store bought?

Watch this fashion tutorial by Gianny L to learn how to repurpose any old shirt into a ruffled top. This is an exc Dressing as an elf for Christmas is a great way for thin people to get into the holiday spirit. Watch this video to learn how you can make a DIY elf costume out of some old clothes, felt, and a little sewing skill. Renewable fashion is a part of living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle. Instead of getting rid of old clothes and going out to buy something new, recycle things you don't like anymore into something you can use.

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This fashion how-to video shows a way of revamping a t-shirt in This fashion how to video has great tips on how to dress the post-partum body. If you just had a baby, you'll notice that your old clothes just don't quite fit.

Get some great fashion tips on how to disguise those troubled areas after pregnancy to make your feel better. Old t-shirts really don't get the loving they deserve. Most of us would either toss or donate our old clothes, thinking there's really no use for them other than the obvious clothing purpose. But old t-shirts possess a great ability to transform into something new. In this ep There's no need to drop mad stacks at a department store in order to wear clothing that looks fashionable. In fact, you may not know it yet, but you probably have a few gems waiting to shroud your figure in your garage.

We all have at least a pile or two of old clothes and ra Got a pile of old clothes collecting dust in the corner of your closet? Before you get the incentive to finally donate that lump to the Salvation Army, consider reusing some of those seemingly "useles" clothing. For instance, did you know you can craft a sturdy and reusable s But don't waste your hard-earned money on overpriced vintage goods when you have the materials lying around the house to ma In this video we are show how you can make old furniture look softer.

It looks really easy but dirty so old clothes and cloves would be advisable.

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  5. First of all take your glazing color and mix it with a white. Then take mix and mix it with a glazing medium 1 part color and 3 pa To kick off T-shirt Madness week, Threadbanger forum member ArtCrazed shows us how-to make an adorable purse out of two old tees! Follow along with the steps in this how-to video and learn how to refurbish some old clothes into something new! Threadbanger is one of WonderHowT This week, Kenley Collins, of the Project Runway fame, shows us how to turn an old vintage skirt into a summer must have with fabric paints.

    Follow along with the tips in this how-to video, and revamp some of your own old clothes.

    Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns

    Threadbanger is one of WonderHowTo's favorite You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a cool and scary costume for Halloween. This tutorial teaches you how to create a mummy and witch costume with old clothes and just a little bit of fabric. For the mummy costume you will need long johns, muslin, black, gloves, blac In this tutorial, we learn how to dress in a Visual Kei style. Just be creative with this style, there is no exact way to do it!

    Use old clothes you have laying around the house and wear those in a funky fashion.

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    Use mostly black and use some military jackets to spice things u Who knew that that mess of random old clothes and knick knacks piled on your bedroom floor that makes it seem like a tornado just rolled on through could actually help you clean up the mess? Often when we see such clutter and actually decide to do something about it the natu The bubble skirt is very 'in' right now, but who knows for how long it will last. Cool, crafty, and brimming with creative ideas, Rip It!

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